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Holographic Wills and the Case of Larry King

Episode 125 – Do you know what a Holographic Will is? Here’s a hint: Larry King used one. But that doesn’t mean you should.

Don’t Forget About State Estate Taxes (Particularly in New York)

Episode 124 – You may not be wealthy enough to be subject to federal estate taxes upon your death, but your state may have other ideas.

Estate Tax Liquidity, Wealth Replacement and ILITs

Episode 123 – Business owners and high-net-worth individuals subject to federal or state estate and inheritance taxes should look into life insurance in an irrevocable life insurance trust for estate tax liquidity and to replace wealth lost to taxes.

Making a Difference in the Lives We Touch!

Security Mutual offers specific tools, products and solutions that can help our policyholders achieve the long-term financial security goals they have set for themselves, their families and their businesses.

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ClientLine® covers an array of financial planning topics including estate planning, tax issues, business marketing ideas and more.


April Issue Features:

  • Tax Benefits for Education

  • Understanding Interest Rates

  • Client Profile: Cash vs Accrual Accounting

  • Kids, Money and Taxes

  • Disregarded Entities

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